>Lost Mine Trail

November 22, 2009 at 6:48 am (Uncategorized)


People who come to the Entrance Station at Persimmon Gap in Big Bend National Park, Texas often ask me to recommend a hike or two, especially if they will only be here for a day. One I recommend most for views and bear potential is the Lost Mine Trail in the Chisos Mountains.

First views from Lost Mine Trail

That’s the trail I saw “my” two bears on. Or maybe it was the same one twice.

The views begin in the first mile you will see great views that remind me of the Grand Canyon. That viewspot is also the perch of an owl, since there were regurgitated pellets of fur and bone up there. Continuing up, the views are expansive, with the backside of Casa Grande mountain prominent. It is even more incredible at the top, and there was a resident squirrel, a juvenile red-tailed hawk, and a flock of western bluebirds probably migrating through, since they are rare in the park. There were little groups of us sitting on the rocks eating lunch, or just taking in the views.

I was just starting to walk back down when a guy about 50 yards away shouted “Bear!” I said, “Where?” He said “coming toward you.” I got my camera ready and there he was, loping along past me, anxious to get away from us two-legged annoyances. He/she was literally the “bear going over the mountain.” Came up one side and down the other.

California Sister butterfly on oak leaf

At the trailhead 2 hours later, I saw another bear, which scampered away when he saw people. Was it the same bear? Don’t know. Many people never see one at all when they’re here. What I really want to see is a panther, which we have several of in the park. Matter of fact, I live in Panther Junction, the park headquarters. I live in a trailer that used to be at Persimmon Gap 26 miles north, where I work. Its claim to fame is that it fell off the flatbed when it was being transported here. It’s no worse than some of the cheap motels I’ve stayed in. Plenty of room for me and my stuff. Not sure if I’m getting a roommate. I hope not.

More photographs on the Lost Mine Trail:

Casa Grande, which looms prominently over the Chisos Basin. This view is opposite the Basin

The Window from on high – the road where the trailhead starts is visible

A closer view – you can even see my van!

View from the top

Zoomed in view

Looks like the Easter Island sculptures

Squirrel and leaves of Havard Agave (Century Plant)

I call this Bear Rock


  1. Judi FitzPatrick said,

    >Wow, sounds like an amazing adventure! Hope to see you in Maine next summer.

  2. Lisa Gray said,

    >Hi Cindy! I am so excited to hear and see you made it out there! What an adventure!Lisa Gray

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