>Spring – Part 3

March 30, 2010 at 8:29 pm (Uncategorized)


The ocotillo are finally opening their red, red buds – they didn’t put on leaves for the show – guess they’re waiting for more rain.

More birds are arriving from their wintering grounds. The Scott’s Oriole is actually a bright lemon yellow – it photographed on the orange side.

Turtles are a courtin’ in the Rio Grande – awwwww….

My favorite blooming cactus so far – the Texas Rainbow Cactus. Here’s a closeup inside the flower –

A small cactus flower, which I believe is the spiny star cactus

And a nice large blind prickly pear just opening its first flowers

A golden-spined prickly pear is also starting the grand show

The Living Rock cactus is easily overlooked, for obvious reasons. It tends to flower in fall.

A late afternoon landscape from the Hot Springs overlook

Last night’s full moon – do you see the praying Indian in the sweat lodge? If not, look below.

Head bowed, feathers bent, sitting cross-legged…

Good Night, Moon!


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