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April 10, 2010 at 5:03 am (Uncategorized)


Spring in Big Bend National Park – it’s more than just flowers!

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher on Guayacan

We’re getting a new crop of birds migrating back from their winter homes, and some of the old standbys are singing and nesting. We have a lot of Blue-gray Gnatcatchers but I finally got to see a Black-tailed up close.

White-breasted nuthatch pair

White-breasted nuthatch

Painted Redstart in Boot Canyon – there were two of these beauties

They are much prettier than the American Redstart

The very rare Colima warbler in Boot Canyon

I’ve included several views to show the yellow under the tail
and the rusty crown

At most there are 150 of this species in America, all in this area of Big Bend

Tufted titmouse – they have black caps here in Texas

Pyrrhuloxia male staking out his territory

Phainopepla female in Green Gulch

Green Heron at Boquillas Canyon

Bufflehead pair Rio Grande Village

Stay tuned!

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