Brutally Cold!

February 3, 2011 at 9:42 pm (Big Bend National Park TX) (, , , )

The water has been running from my faucets for two nights and days, going on a third, to keep them from freezing.  We’re having the kind of frigid weather this area doesn’t see very often – eight degrees this morning at my house in Panther Junction, one degree in the Chisos Basin.  Heck I was hiking in short sleeves on Monday!  There was even a light dusting of powder snow, which mostly sublimated (evaporated) at PJ  by 6 p.m. The Chisos Mountains are still dusted, as you can see by the above photograph, but there was nary a flake at Rio Grande Village.  It was so windy there that facing the wind was extremely painful after only a few seconds.  The wind chill must have been minus 30 at least.  (Hey I’m from Maine, so I’m not a wimp!)  Despite that, here’s how it looked today in Big Bend.

Sierra del Carmens with a stacked layer of clouds mid-afternoon
Looking toward PJ from the east, late afternoon
Ice Patterns on pond at Rio Grande Village
Trees wore ice garters
These ice orbs look suspiciously like turtles.  I hope not.  

Vermillion Flycatcher looks miserable 
Golden-fronted Woodpecker on store roof, RGV

Even the fishes huddled together from the cold


Sun peeking through the gray


Sierra del Carmens as the clouds cleared toward evening

Last light

Sun Pillar Pulliam Peak near sunsetp.s.  I hate blogspot – it handles photos very poorly – any ideas for a new blog host?


  1. Ryan said,


  2. Glenda said,

    >Beautiful photos. I love the del Carmens!,

  3. Kathy Cartwright said,

    >Hi Cindy! We're feeling the cold and have over two feet of snow on the ground, but have had some warmer days that have allowed cross-country skiing and snow shoeing. I've been wearing long underwear top and bottom since November, so I'm usually warm if I keep hands and feet in a relatively warm place. Your pictures are great as usual. Take a look at Steve's Facebook page for photographs around here.

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