On the Road Again: Seattle

May 2, 2011 at 5:45 pm (Photography, Seattle)

My son Ryan and me at Pike Place Market

This story picks up in the middle of my road trip.  I left Big Bend last Monday, and there isn’t much time for photo editing and blog posting when I’m on the road.  But I’m at my son’s house in Seattle now and it’s a rainy, indoorsy day so I can switch blog hosts as my son has recommended.

Classic Seattle view from Kerry Park on Queen Anne Hill

I lived in Tacoma for 18 years before moving to Maine, and spent a lot of time in Seattle photographing it back in the day when I actually made a living with photography.  It has changed a lot since I left, yet some things are timeless.  When I tell people it rains 9 months of the year and then the sun comes out in mid-July, it’s sort of true.  I mean, the rain is generally a constant drizzle, and I would have been disappointed if it had not rained while I was here.

Indeed, except for a 3-minute shower in Beaumont last month while visiting family, I had not felt rain on my skin for nearly 7 months until my passage through the Oregon Cascade range several days ago.  Big Bend has been in a severe drought, as has most of Texas (more in another blog).

View from Ryan and Amy's condo - Lake Union

But the sun was out Saturday and Sunday in Seattle.  Mt. Rainier with its snowy mantle showed yesterday, as did the Olympics as seen from Carkeek Park.  I’m sure there will be a lot of sunburns being nursed today, since everybody here is a pasty white color due to the constant overcast and chill.  We played Frisbee and I found my skills were in pretty good shape, though I couldn’t quite get the boomerang to work.

Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound

Ryan and his girlfriend Amy have a lovely view of Lake Union, and a walk around the neighborhood reveals a couple of lovely parks, quirky houseboats, and a strange resident in a yellow house.

Lake Union houseboats - yes, "Sleepless in Seattle" was filmed here

Cool mosaic at waterfront park

Neighborhood demon hunter

Despite their artistic talents, Ryan and Amy have been intimidated by a lowly planter box on their deck which never seems to look as good as their downstairs neighbor’s.  I keep harping on the need to actually water the plants, and I think it is making sense to them now.  So they enlisted my gardening “expertise” and we bought a bunch of plants and a couple of large terracotta pots, and two bags of compost and revamped the entire planter.  Tough love is also important in successful gardening, and I encouraged them to ditch things that didn’t look healthy, and to separate aggressive spreaders.  Here’s the infant planter box, which will soon fill out with petunias, snapdragons, ice plants, geraniums, and some perennials.

New plantings

It is very green here, which is refreshing after so much brown in the desert.  Flowers are even blooming, such as these famous ornamental cherry trees.

Cherry blossoms

Ryan took us out to a French restaurant at Pike Place Market – many delectable delicacies such as escargot (tastes like mussels in a lovely garlic sauce), foie gras (duck livers), tenderloin, gnocchi and prawns, and creme brule. Also some fabulous potato rolls with fresh butter.  Mmmmmm……

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Bye ya’ll!

Amy and Ryan - ain't they cute?

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