Great Sand Dunes National Park

October 7, 2011 at 6:04 pm (Colorado, Great Sand Dunes, National Parks, Photography) (, , )

The Great Sand Dunes National Park has a gorgeous treat for the photographer up at dawn.  The images of the dunes were taken in sun’s first light, interspersed between rain showers.  The light didn’t last long, but it was magical.  I was the only soul on the road recording this beauty – other than the mule deer and the singing coyotes.

The afternoon previous had its treasures, too – light before and after a storm can be the most dramatic of all.

Stormy afternoon, park entrance

Rainbow, park road

Tansy aster and dead tree

Overcast light gives luminous tones

I used this old tree a LOT!

Mule deer

I'm outta here!

Another morning dune image - I love 'em all!

For high resolution photographs, visit Great Sand Dunes image gallery

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  1. Ron Payne said,

    Awe inspiring! Thanks for getting up so early!

  2. John Weinrich said,


    Your photos are simply beautiful and we enjoy your blogs very much.
    Thank you, John

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