Louisiana Vignettes

February 14, 2012 at 7:40 am (Louisiana)

Evergreen Plantation, oak-shrouded lane

I have a stack of paper scraps with hastily scrawled notes, meant to help identify photographs.  Some of these notes are 24 years old!  Being home with a cold is a good time to sift through these memories, and to present vignettes of a state at its most beautiful in spring. 

Morgan City shrimp for sale

Most of these scraps are undated.  “Shreveport Loozhiana – that’s how it sounded when he said it over the radio… Falstaff beer sign, broken and faded… Jax beer… Dixie beer… “ 

Frostop Root Beer, LaPlace- I grew up seeing this on Airline Hwy

“Live tiger exhibit, Grosse Tete…  LA Mud Paintings attraction closed… “  Men working on the side of the road in black-and-white prison stripes.  Prisoners in Mississippi wore green-and-white.

White arabian horse

Cars pulled over on the shoulder of Airline Highway, with people crawdadding or catfishing…  Kingfishers on utility lines… signs posted on trees in the bayou… what happened to the old Snake Farm in LaPlace?

Lantana on the beach, Grand Isle

The smell of sugar cane burning in the fall…  dead possums on the road… shredded tires look like dead armadillos… houses with Snowball signs… hot boudain in the stores… “Service is our Profession” on police cars in LaPlace where I grew up…

Lake Martin, cypress trees early spring

River Road industries:  Colonial Sugar (I remember Godchaux Sugar, making the air smell like Cracker Jacks)…  LaRoche Chemicals (Gramercy) with red dust over everything… Nalco-Garyville Plant… Marathon Petroleum… Cargill, Inc. Molasses Div… Godchaux-Henderson sign all faded

Oak Alley Plantation porch, Vacherie

Just a smattering of faded memories.  The photographs last longer.

Morgan City pier

Morgan City lighthouse and bridge

Bow of Shrimp Boat, Morgan City

Grand Isle shrimp boat (pre-Katrina)

Old cemetery, River Road

Above-ground burials are common in a land with a high water table


All photographs are copyrighted by Cindy McIntyre.  Taken 2004 – 2006.

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  1. Bob Zeller said,

    Great photos and story. I enjoyed it. 🙂

  2. c mudgett said,

    How the hac are ya? Your pictures are always good. We have been having a mild winter this year. Still working for the school. I remember A&W root beer take-outs. MUDGETT

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