Louisiana Fog – Springtime

February 15, 2012 at 4:21 am (Louisiana, Photography) ()

Azalea in Fog

I have a nice set of Louisiana fog images that deserved their own post.  Growing up in Louisiana, I don’t remember as much beauty as I have experienced as an adult visitor.  March and April are indeed the prettiest months, and the most comfortable.  See for yourself… 

Gazebo and yellow mustard

Swing and yellow mustard

Wisteria bloom and dewdrops

Oak Alley Plantation in fog

Oak Alley not in fog, for comparison

Oak Alley grounds

Peacock hen and Oak Alley

Bench and live oaks, Oak Alley

Oak Alley 2004

All photographs copyrighted by Cindy McIntyre

My website- CindyMcIntyre.com

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  1. Bob Douat said,

    Very nice Cindy.

  2. Gary Dauphin said,

    Beautiful shots, Cindy! When were they taken? I see a copyright 2012 on them, but have not seen a Peacock on the grounds for many years….

  3. Cindy McIntyre said,

    Hi Gary – they were taken March 2004. Wow, time sure flies.

  4. Cindy McIntyre said,

    Oh, I forgot to mention I did the art show there one year – was it 2003? 2005? I used to cart my art and canopy all over the country selling my work. I also used to live in LaPlace when I was a kid.

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