A Rainy Night in Georgia

February 19, 2012 at 7:11 pm (Atlanta, Photography)

Valentine Rock

Actually, it’s a rainy morning, too.  Sundays here are always laid back.  People go to church in large numbers in the South, and there are many large and small houses of worship within several blocks of my house.  Things pick up by lunchtime.  Or brunch time.  I understand Atlanta is known for extravagant brunches, particularly the buffet-style affairs, usually involving mimosas – orange juice with champagne. 

Thanks to a very generous Christmas gift from my son, I had a front-row seat at Cavalia’s Odysseo performance last month (69 horses, costumed performers, so absolutely stunning).  I got there early and discovered via Android that I was a few yards from a place that served breakfast.  I wouldn’t have expected Marlowe’s Tavern to “do” breakfast, but it had some good reviews so I went in.  It was pretty crowded with hip young folk — college students, and the type we used to call yuppies.  I took a seat at the bar and took one look at the brunch buffet and went for it.  Salmon pasta, corn grits, hush puppies, omelets made to order, gourmet bacon and sausage, fruits, pastries and so on.   All you can eat – $16.99.  I think I had popcorn for dinner that night, it was so filling.

One of the Cavalia horses

I’ve also discovered things like GroupOn, Living Social, and ScoutMob since I’ve been here.  I was editing photographs as the dawn rose, listening to the robins and cardinals and mockingbirds sing despite the drizzle.  A ScoutMob coupon appeared in my email for La Mongerie Bakery and Bistro, which is on the way to Trader Joe’s (grocery day).  Goody – my first ScoutMob!

It was 8:30, maybe 9 a.m. and I had the place to myself.  (I told you, Atlanta wakes up slowly on Sundays.)  And what a lovely place it was – all white décor, chandeliers, pretty chairs, friendly staff.  Sweet acoustic folkie music (well, I don’t know what else to call it – maybe it’s light pop, I dunno) set a mood as I read my book.  It was time to try chicken and waffles.

Now, I grew up in the South, but had never heard of this combination until I came to Atlanta.  Apparently it’s considered “soul food”.  Two chicken breasts were fried and served with four nice sections of Belgian Waffles, topped with fresh strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries.  Absolutely delicious!  Who’d a thunk it? It was starting to get busy by 10, so I slid my bookmark between the pages and paid my discounted price (almost forgot the tip.)

Then shopping at Trader Joe’s – where I also bought a small pale green moth orchid.  I’ve resisted buying plants since I left Maine, now that I’m a gypsy.  I had so many houseplants in Maine – including a lovely moth orchid that bloomed every year and kept the blossoms for five months each time.  They were all given away when I left, along with my kitties and banty hens.  (Sigh.)  But I now have four houseplants, so I guess that means I’m feeling more (ahem!) rooted.

It was such a lovely way to spend a rainy morning in Georgia.

Deciduous Magnolia in February bloom

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  1. Bob & Kay Foster said,

    Cindy, where are you and how are you doing? Kay and I are doing fine. I’m working as interim pastor at a small church in Lenox, Ia. Hope you are doing well also. Bob and Kay

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