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Orchid display, Atlanta Botanical Garden

They are among the most beautiful, most ornate, most extravagant, most delicate of all flowers.  And the Atlanta Botanical Garden is featuring orchids for the next two months.  Many of them are permanent denizens of the glass houses that create habitats similar to their native homes.  There are also displays of potted orchids arranged for maximum effect.

The newest member of my plant family - a moth orchid

We are all familiar with the various moth orchids for sale in supermarkets.  They are among the easiest for the average person to take care of.  With bright but indirect light, and moist soil, they will bloom every year, and the blooms last for months.

Midtown buildings from the garden

But there are thousands of varieties of orchids in the world, and they range from tiny, easily overlooked natives to showy, extravagant cultivated varieties.  Maine has the famed pink Lady’s Slipper which blooms in May.  Children are admonished to never pick them, and gardeners to never transplant them, for such efforts usually fail.

Orange-colored slipper

One book orchid lovers might want is Wild Orchids of North America, North of Mexico by Paul Martin Brown.

pink slippers

Vanilla beans are actually the seed pods of a genus of orchid!  I never knew that.

Delicate yellow orchid spray

Enjoy these photographs of orchids at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

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Gallery:  www.photoartgal.smugmug.com


  1. Bob Zeller said,

    Wow! Gorgeous photos of the orchids and flowers. Well done, Cindy. 🙂

  2. Mary Lou Duncan said,

    Thanks for sharing, Cindy. The pics and the flowers are awesome!

  3. Kaycee Schippers said,

    Hi Cindy. I live in Iowa and I would like to purchase a potted orchid for my friend in Georgia and have it delivered. Can you tell me who I should order from? I can’t seem to find many local florists online. Thank you for your help!

  4. Cindy McIntyre said,

    Hi Kaycee – go to ftd.com and they can find a florist near your friend. Gorgeous moth orchids can be bought in just about any supermarket here. I got mine at Trader Joe’s for $8.99. But supermarkets don’t deliver like a florist will.

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