Critters of Jekyll Island

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Here are some of the critters I saw on my recent visit to Georgia’s Jekyll Island:  (Note – I now have ID confirmations on my questionables, thanks to the great help from the Georgia Birders Online list)

Royal Tern, Jekyll Island, Georgia

Royal Tern in flight

Dolphin – it was about 20 feet away from the beach

Sanderlings are a common little “peep” – skittering in and out with the waves


Gulf Fritillary laying eggs on passionflower leaves

Ghost Crab – these guys are larger than fiddler crabs and are active at night, scavenging the beach for dead stuff to eat

Male fiddler crabs have one giant sized claw – these guys are much smaller than the ghost crabs

White Beach Tiger Beetle, Cicindela dorsalis media, which moved pretty fast, but is quite lovely if you can get a good look

Immature Prairie Warbler in sea oats

Juvenile Brown Pelicans


Female belted kingfisher

Female belted kingfisher hovering, with Sydney Lanier bridge in background

Spotted Sandpiper in breeding plumage. I’ve seen these guys at Big Bend National Park in winter plumage.

Willet and juvenile Laughing Gull

Images taken with Canon SX-40



  1. Bob Zeller said,

    Great collection of images, Cindy. I see that you did get a nice shot of the female Belted Kingfisher. I appreciate it.

  2. Rodney said,

    I think that is a Magnolia Warbler and not a Canada Warbler

    • Rodney said,

      Ok, I agree. Prairie Warbler

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