Cool Georgia Bugs on a Theme of Green

October 16, 2012 at 5:10 pm (Dragonflies and Bugs, Georgia, Nature, Photography, Wildlife) (, , , , , , , )

Bumelia Longhorn Beetle – a large and very colorful bug

I’ve encountered some really cool bugs lately here in Georgia.  Green seems to be the common theme in this collection.  The large green beetle above resides near Savannah.

Long-tailed Skipper, Jekyll Island, Georgia

This butterfly is a cross between the skipper and the swallowtail in looks – a surprising combination.

Bold Jumper Spider, also known as Daring Jumping Spider

This is a cool spider – the chelicerae (fanglike appendages for grasping or piercing) are a metallic green.  Below is a photo of a smaller guy which kept jumping on the camera lens as I moved in extremely close for a macro shot.

The Audubon guide calls it a Daring Jumping Spider.

Planthoppers disguise themselves as a leaf  to evade predators.

Planthopper on fig leaf

The blister beetle isn’t green, but it’s still cool.

Short-winged Blister Beetle

Cameras used:  Canon G-11 and Canon SX-40


  1. allthingsboys said,

    Great photo! Did you know the blister beetle produces secretions that are the only cure for moluscum, which is a type of childhood wart that is very pesky, as well as highly aggressive and contagious? I always wondered what the beetle looked like!

  2. Cindy McIntyre said,

    I didn’t realize that. I don’t know if it is this particular species that produces the medicinal treatment, but I do know it’s not a bug you wanna pick up!

  3. Jim Miller said,

    Beautiful series, Cindy.

  4. Food 4 The Soul 93 said,

    Beautiful work here! I will be visiting your site often I can tell!

    Thanks for visiting my “place” and liking my post!

    Take care,

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