Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge – Gators, Birds, Dragonflies, and Such…

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Vermillion Flycatcher, male

Although my recent trip to Texas was to visit relatives, I could not pass by one of my favorite birding spots without stopping for my bird fix.  Anahuac NWR suffered during Hurricane Rita in 2005, but was really devastated by Hurricane Ike in 2008.  There are fewer trees now, and while Spring seems to have the best variety of birds, November was pretty decent for a windy day.

So without much further ado, here are the results.


Snow Geese

American Avocets in winter plumage

Black-bellied whistling ducks – these are so cool! There were about 75 there.

American Kestrel male with a huge dragonfly in his talons

Bullfrog – when frightened they’d hop in the water with a funny little squeak

Long-tailed Skipper

Great Egret

Loggerhead Shrike

Roseate Skimmer


  1. bobdouat said,

    I like Anahuac NWR too. Love the feather details in the pic of the Vermillion Flycatcher. I’m gonna have to try to get closer to the VFs here in Cottonwood Campground.

  2. DesertAbba said,

    Again, such good pics! The details are phenomenal!

  3. Bob Zeller said,

    Great series of photos, Cindy. That Vermilion Flycatcher is awesome.

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