Banks Lake Part 3 – Cypress Studies in BW

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Banks Lake National Wildlife Refuge in Lakeland, Georgia is more like the quintessential swamp than a lake.  These huge pond cypress have escaped the wildfires that define the landscape of its sister refuge Okefenokee, and the ample beards of Spanish moss attest to many decades of undisturbed serenity.  The lake is popular with anglers, but to truly experience its mysterious beauty, one should be out at dawn in an autumn fog.  Even in December, birds are singing, and the gauze challenges you to find them.  Enjoy a black-and-white world paddling through the cypress of this unique blackwater lake.














Photographs and text copyrighted  by Cindy McIntyre

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  1. jill said,

    These are ethereal and stunning. And I understand your worry about piracy. But I’d like to see a discreet watermark because your name is so large it ruins the art for me. It’s jarring.

  2. Noelle said,

    I would love to ask you a question regarding the time of day you took these stunning shots. Are you still active in receiving comments on this site? I thought I would check before asking…Thank you for your time

    • Cindy McIntyre said,

      Hi Noelle – these were taken in the morning. The fog made it mysterious!

      • Noelle said,

        Thank you for your response! What I was curious about was how early you are allowed to take a boat on the lake? Do you know if there is a schedule or are you allowed to go out before the sun rises? I appreciate your quick response

  3. Cindy McIntyre said,

    I don’t remember but here’s the link to the website:
    There’s a concession store onsite, Banks Lake Outpost: :(229) 482-3453

    • Noelle said,

      Will do. Thanks again for your response and your work is just beautiful!

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