Santa Claus, Georgia

March 16, 2014 at 6:00 am (Uncategorized)

Me in Santa Claus, Georgia

Me in Santa Claus, Georgia

Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus, Georgia.  (How many articles about this teensy weensy town start like that?)

While on my way to visit a friend in Swainsboro, GA with another friend (all of us worked at Okefenokee NWR) I simply HAD to see if the little town of Santa Claus shown on Google Maps was really there, or if somebody at Google was playing a joke.  Well, it was there alright.  But if we had blinked, well, you know…



Only 165 residents were recorded in the 2010 census.  This hamlet was carved out of 60 acres of Calvin Greene’s pecan farm in the 1930s.  He thought it was a sure-fire way to lure people to his farm on U.S. Route 1 near Vidalia – a major thoroughfare before the interstate system was put in.


City Hall at … wait for it… 25 December Drive.

The town was incorporated in 1941 – on the eve of U.S. involvement in World War II – and farmer Greene served as the town’s first mayor.



The town has no post office, but letters put into this mailbox will receive a non-official Christmas-themed postmark before being forwarded to the Lyons post office for proper cancellation.  I swear if I had known about this I would have dropped all my Christmas cards into this mailbox this past year.  How cool is that?



The streets have Christmas-y names, but despite the jolly idea, the town has a sordid blemish on its history.  In 1997, three weeks before Christmas, four members of a family were murdered in their beds by a disturbed young man they had befriended.




I’m not sure where I’ll be living this December, but you can bet I’ll see if there’s some little Christmas-named town where I can mail my holiday cards.

Photos and text copyrighted by Cindy McIntyre

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  1. Pam Leonard said,

    Great tour!

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