Some Cool Dinosaurs (With Feathers)

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Mountain bluebird male

Mountain bluebird male

Since I will need to expand my repertoire to include dinosaurs now that I am working at Dinosaur National Monument in Colorado for a few months, I felt it appropriate to show some living dinosaurs – BIRDS!   Yesterday morning was my first in my new one-bedroom apartment in the housing area, and it was an exceptional one.  There were dinosaurs everywhere!

The mountain bluebird male hunting for bugs in our newly mowed yard had his mate with him.  They are cavity nesters so I’ll be on the lookout for a tree they may choose to raise their babies in.  The Cornell Lab of Ornithology says the male adds a “cerulean sparkle” to the landscape, and indeed they do.

Mountain Bluebird male

Mountain Bluebird male

Black-chinned hummingbird male

Black-chinned hummingbird male

A male black-chinned hummingbird was feeding on a flowering tree in our yard and occasionally chased away a broad-tailed hummingbird male which I only caught a glimpse of.  The broad-tailed’s wings have a distinctive sound which reminds me of the little spacecraft on “The Jetsons” cartoon.


Only if the sun hits the gorget (throat feathers) of the black-chinned will you see the purple irridescencence at the bottom.


Hummingbirds are very territorial and seem to expend a lot of energy chasing away rivals and intruders.



At one point I am certain I heard him (or perhaps the broad-tailed) singing.  Truly!  I heard an Anna’s hummingbird singing several years ago in Texas.  It sounded very hummingbird-like, but not just the squeaks or wing hums you normally hear.  Has anybody else heard hummingbirds sing?



He looks like a little fluffy ball.




The yellow-rumped warbler, fondly known as “butterbutt”, is a common winter bird down south, almost annoyingly so.  Butterbutts everywhere!  But in summer they are remarkably handsome, especially the Audubon’s sub-species.


Audubon's warbler (yellow-rumped) male

Audubon’s warbler (yellow-rumped) male

I caught glimpses of the Lesser goldfinch and Lazuli bunting and will keep trying to photograph the latter.

Lesser Goldfinch male

Lesser Goldfinch male

The well-known robin is here, but I have yet to hear singing.  I’ve heard robins in Washington state, Arizona, and Maine, and I can tell you they sing with accents in each place!

American robin male

American robin male

An eastern phoebe is making a nest behind the light fixture in our apartment building.  She was waiting for me to skedaddle so she could get on with it.

Eastern phoebe

Eastern phoebe

Eastern phoebe

Eastern phoebe

Two house finch nests are also on our apartment and one sounds like it has babies.  No pix yet!

Waning moon

Waning moon

Ending with a blue theme:


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  1. Jet Eliot said,

    Fantastic photos, Cindy. I especially like the first one, such a clear look at the bluebird’s spread wings.

  2. Bella Remy Photography said,

    Such beautiful birds. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kathy said,

    Hey, Cindy! Be seeing you in a few weeks. I love the picture of the blue bird with the downswept wings! Too cool!

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