Pronghorn Family

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Papa Pronghorn and fawns

Papa Pronghorn and fawns

Often called “pronghorn antelope,” this wild symbol of the open spaces isn’t really an antelope.  Nor is it a goat, even though its scientific name Antilocapra americana means “American antelope goat.”   And although it has horns instead of antlers, it is the only horned animal to shed them.  (Typically only antlers are shed, such as those of deer and moose.)  The males have the largest horns; females may only have stubs.

Patriarch of another herd of pronghorns

Patriarch of another herd of pronghorns

In the video, filmed this week at Fossil Butte National Monument near Kemmerer, Wyoming, this small pronghorn family consists of three does, four fawns, and an imposing patriarch.  At one point, something startled the herd, and they took off like buckshot.  Only the male was unperturbed.  Pronghorns can run up to 60 mph, and I’ve seen them chase a coyote that was interested in newborn fawns.  (See my earlier blog post for the photos.)

A pair of twins often tempted fate by leaving the herd, and you’ll see papa chase them back.


Papa Pronghorn keeping the kiddoes in line

Papa Pronghorn keeping the kiddoes in line

The fawns

The fawns

Fossil Butte is a great place to watch these graceful animals, as even though they are wary, they don’t run as far away as herds in areas that don’t get a lot of visitors.

A doe

A doe



The entire family

The entire family





To learn more see the National Wildlife Federation page  and the DesertUSA page.

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  1. grizjohnson said,

    Great photos and video! Way to stay on them when they sprinted! The photos are great- but it’s amazing how much a video can help tell the story!

    • Cindy McIntyre said,

      I was filming in the car – I couldn’t follow them all the way but I was glad I could show how fast they run!

  2. Alli Farkas said,

    That was one heck of a wind blowing through the grass! Made a nice complement to the running animals. So did the music. Good work!

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