Lightning, Stars, and a Meteor

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Lightning, stars, and a meteor

Lightning, stars, and a meteor

I’m one of those people that generally wakes once in the night and can’t fall immediately back asleep.  I also like to check the night sky while I’m up, and when I saw that there were several lightning storms in the distance, I drove 8 miles north to a good viewpoint.



In an arid land, such lightning storms usually mean wildfires.  But for now, it was pure drama.  This storm to the northwest was so far away I could hear no thunder.  I didn’t even see the meteor until I edited the photographs.



However, when I got to my home in Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado, I was admiring the Milky Way above me when a perfect meteor streak crossed my view.  Unfortunately I was not photographing it at the time.  It is likely one of the Perseids, which will peak in just a few days.


Now I’m going to make some hot buttered cinnamon toast and sneak back into bed.  Unless, that is, the storms to the south get close enough for another go at it!

Text and photographs copyrighted by Cindy McIntyre

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  1. Phoenix Tears Healed said,

    love your pictures; I think the drive proved well worth it 🙂

  2. David said,

    Wonderful photos! Always enjoy your postings. Your night-sky pictures show enough of the stars that somebody ought to be able to identify the constellations represented.

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