Rain Showers and Sunbeams

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Monsoon season in the Southwest brings an ever-changing skyscape as pop-up storms build, wring themselves dry, and scoot off into the sunset.  The light after a desert storm is brilliant and clean, and it enticed me to an east-facing overlook on the side of Plug Hat Butte in Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado.


The day’s last hour created sunbeams amid the rain showers, shifting patterns no photographer can resist.  This tableau played out to the southwest, while to the east was a line of billowing clouds that looked as if they would unfurl into anvils.  I set up my tripod and began a time-lapse sequence, hoping to witness the birth of a thunderhead.

While the camera click-clicked every 5 seconds, I aimed my point-and-shoot at the showers and sunbeams.


The cloud sequence took an hour, but I was always busy with the sunbeams.  Then the cottony cumulus drifting over the valley below were doused with the sunset brush.  That series will be the next post.  In the meantime, enjoy the rain showers and sunbeams.








Text and photographs copyrighted by Cindy McIntyre

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  1. mbkircus said,

    Very cool. And beautiful.

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