Bear River Birds

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Western grebe pair

Western grebe pair

Although my trip in July to the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge in Utah was a bust (child-rearing was already over) I did get a few nice images.  The Western grebes look similar to the Clark’s grebe, but the black on the head covers their eyes.   See the difference.

Clark's Grebe

Clark’s Grebe


Western grebe


Western grebe


Western grebes


Clark’s grebe


Western grebe on a late nest

Sandhill cranes

Sandhill cranes

One spot on the wildlife drive had all three species of swallows on one patch of reeds.


Barn swallow


Barn swallow


Cliff swallow


Barn swallow


Bank swallow


Barn swallow, with bank swallow in background

The yellow-headed blackbirds are quite stunning.






Female yellow-headed blackbird

A video interlude:


White pelican


White pelican


Black-necked stilt


Young black-necked stilts


Caspian tern

Birds weren’t the only critters of note.


Invasive carp – these large fish often run out of room to swim in summer






Eight-spotted skimmer

I found a male marsh wren protecting his nest.


Marsh wren male


Marsh wren nest

Canada geese

Canada geese

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  1. Alli Farkas said,

    The pelicans look like an avian drill team, all diving and moving together.

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