Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, and Farting

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Pikes Peak framed by aspen

Pikes Peak framed by aspen

I had an opportunity to visit a childhood friend and her family in Colorado Springs last week, and they took me to the two most famous places there – Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods.  (If you tuned in to find out about the farting, keep reading.)

Garden of the Gods at dawn, with Pikes Peak to the right

Garden of the Gods at dawn, with Pikes Peak to the right

I dragged them out of bed to watch the sunrise tint the strange rock fins that are the featured draw of the Garden of the Gods.  

PIkes Peak and one of the rock fins from Garden of the Gods

Pikes Peak and one of the rock fins from Garden of the Gods at dawn

People are even allowed to rock-climb on these thin slices of sandstone!


Black-billed magpie

Black-billed magpie


Then we went to take the cog railway to the top of Pikes Peak, but my claustrophobia kicked in with the crowded train and we drove up instead – which was way better!


This viewpoint would have been missed on the train.


And we wouldn’t have seen Bigfoot either.


Ta da!

Cog train

Cog train

This train uses tracks, and also a center cog.


Views are great on a clear day.

Garden of the Gods from Pikes Peak

Garden of the Gods from Pikes Peak

Last night I watched “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” where a lady with leukemia climbed Pikes Peak to die in a holy and peaceful place.  That show is set in late 1800s Colorado Springs – an oldie but goodie.



Here’s something that I will always remember about Pikes Peak.  My lil brother said when he and his family drove to Pikes Peak several years ago, they couldn’t stop farting!  And other visitors were farting, too!  My friends and I paid close attention to this possibility and nobody , not even ME, farted at the peak.  A little research reveals that high-altitude flatulence is not uncommon, and even has a name: HAFE (high altitude flatus expulsion).  Seriously!



While some folks need to buy “flavored” oxygen in little expensive bottles to avoid altitude-sickness, we had no problem breathing all-natural, mostly-organic genuinely thinned air.




Apparently farting did not figure into the creation of “America the Beautiful” either.

Kissing Camels

Kissing Camels

And so we’ll conclude with the “Kissing Camels” back at Garden of the Gods.  Which is really an inter-species love affair between a tortoise and a squirrel, but whatever.

Speaking of critters,  Colorado Springs suburbia is a wildlife haven.  Deer are as common as squirrels in yards, and my friend has seen bobcats and black bears on her deck!  Colorado Springs also had two very serious wildfires that destroyed hundreds of homes (Waldo Canyon and Black Forest) in the last 3 years as houses are surrounded by pines and shrubs.

Here’s a photo she sent me of a mama bear and her three cubs playing in their hammock!

Suburban bears in Colorado Springs

Suburban bears in Colorado Springs

Cute, cute, cute!  Evidently, since this is a L.L. Bean hammock, the company had featured it on their Facebook page for awhile and sent them a $25 gift card.  The hammock, however, did not survive intact.  🙂


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  1. DesertAbba said,

    OK, I did tune in to see your great art, but I do admit to have kept reading the captions to see what flatulence could possibly have to do with such skilled photography. Thanks for expanding my knowledge regarding high altitude and human physiology. Oh, and thanks too for great pics!

  2. mbkircus said,

    I saw everything except Bigfoot when I was in Colorado,
    and farted not. Where was Bigfoot?

    • Cindy McIntyre said,

      Bigfoot was at a private gift shop or something or other – we didn’t go in. It was on the way to the top. That’s where the pretty aspen were, too.

  3. pam said,

    Colorado springs means not having to choose between flaming aspens and glowing red rocks. I’ll have to remember that.

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