My Last Visit to Echo Park

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Hikers and golden cottonwood

Hikers and golden cottonwood

Actually, these photographs are from my last two trips to Echo Park.  I bought a “new” used AWD Toyota Sienna and broke her in on the Echo Park Road.  Then a week later, I took my friend Marilyn  there since her little (and heavily loaded) Honda Fit wouldn’t make the trip.  Marilyn is a volunteer for several wildlife refuges, and I met her last year at Okefenokee NWR.  So, like me, she moves from place to place with all her possessions stuffed in her long-suffering car.

Marilyn and Steamboat Rock

Marilyn and Steamboat Rock

That’s Marilyn photographing the iconic Steamboat Rock.



This is the photo she took of me with all my gear:  binoculars on a shoulder harness, and a waist bag I got at a birding festival for my wallet, headlamp, and snacks. I festooned the waistband with the Canon G-11, a water holster, a holster for the NIkon D600 on my shoulder, and sometimes I even add the Canon SX-40. A carabiner on the water holster holds my hat when I’m tired of wearing it, and a whistle is handy in case of trouble. My birdbook is iBirdPro on my phone!  The pants are Fish & Wildlife; the boots are NPS.



So to get back to the beauties of Echo Park… we found all kinds of things to photograph that morning.


The Fremont cottonwoods were in their glory.


View from our campsite.


Along the Green River just past the confluence.


Petroglyphs high on wall in Campsite 10 – it sometimes takes awhile to find them.


Yampa River in Lower Sand Canyon, which meets the Green River alongside Steamboat Rock.


Sand Canyon.


Zoomed in!


Hikers on the Lower Sand Canyon path.  Notice how much of the bank has eroded away!


Reflections in Lower Sand Canyon.


Reflection of Steamboat Rock.


New green moss.  An item of interest:  I had a collection of microbiotic soil I used for interpretive presentations, and although I watered it several times over the summer (to stimulate the natural watering cycle), this last watering resulted in a covering of moss just like this!  I donated my soil collection to another ranger who promised to take good care of it.


A rock art “altar” – along the lines of artistic genius Andy Goldsworthy.  (Officially, we do not like these creations in national parks, but it is ephemeral.  And no, neither Marilyn nor I made this.)


A heart rock on the beach.


Mule deer doe.


Cottonwood leaves.


A pair of noisy Canada geese.



One highly offended goose.

Red-naped sapsucker male

Red-naped sapsucker male


Leaving Echo Park – one of my favorite photography subjects- the lone cottonwood.

Pool Creek Petroglyphs

Pool Creek Petroglyphs

This wall of petroglyphs between the Chew Ranch and the campground has some unusual “bas relief” figures.

Chew Ranch

Chew Ranch




A two-hole outhouse.  Makes you wonder…

Viva's Cake Hill

Viva’s Cake Hill

Bull Elk at Iron Springs Bench

Bull Elk at Iron Springs Bench

Steamboat Rock, moonlight, and stars

Steamboat Rock, moonlight, and stars

My last day at Dinosaur National Monument was Oct. 18 and I am now visiting my son and his wife in Seattle.  Bet you can’t guess what the weather’s doing.  😦     Next stop — sunny (and droughty) California!

For Marilyn’s take on our trip, see her blog. 

Text and photographs copyrighted by Cindy McIntyre

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