Wonderland of Rocks – Dusk to Dawn

May 17, 2015 at 8:49 pm (California, fine art photography, Mojave Desert, National Parks, Nature, Nature photography, Photography) (, , , )

Hidden Valley at dawn, Joshua Tree National Park, California

Hidden Valley at dawn, Joshua Tree National Park, California

Ryan and Amy wanted to go rock climbing in one of the world’s premiere spots – Joshua Tree National Park.  Who knew?  These rock pillows and piles didn’t look very impressive to me, as far as conquering goes.  But apparently they are very challenging, and very scratchy.


However, they are very beautiful, especially at dusk and dawn.  Some of these images are taken right in the campground, or very near it.


I’m sure hard-core climbers will recognize certain routes in these photographs.  There are around 5,000 climbing routes in the park, and several books on how to find and conquer them.

Early morning photographer above the campground

Early morning photographer above the campground

I thought this guy was my son – same build.  But no, he and Amy were sound asleep and missed all the glorious drama of a bruise-gray sky from an approaching cold front, backdropping the liquid gold spilling over the rockscapes.


The following morning, with a clear sky, did not yield anywhere near the same intensity of color and contrast.  Just goes to show, every storm has a silver — er, gold– lining.


The evening was surprisingly cold for mid-May in Southern California.  A few days later, the nearby mountains got snow.


While the “kids” climbed rocks, I hiked.  All of these images were made in the space of about 45 minutes that chilly May morning.

Hiddey-Valley-dawn,-Joshua-Tree-NP-CA-(39)-copy-2Enjoy the view!











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  1. mbkircus said,

    I love that place and haven’t seen enough of it. But most of the time, when I come in, I can’t get a campsite. Beautiful pictures, as always.

  2. DesertAbba said,

    There is nothing to compare here in the hinterlands, but if your lens ever gets to itching for more pedestrian pics, there’s a B&B here with a chocolate on the pillow. These photos are koans! Thanks!

    • Cindy McIntyre said,

      Ron – did you say chocolate? Where’s your next VIP gig?

    • Cindy McIntyre said,

      Campsites are at a premium on weekends – we went on Thursday to be sure we got one. I firmly believe parks should have a parking lot for RVs (like in an RV park) and leave the campsites to tenters. And for those of us who just sleep in our cars and don’t need a campfire or picnic table, the fee should be only $5.00.

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