Wichita Mts NWR in winter

December 18, 2015 at 5:45 am (National Wildlife Refuges (US Fish & Wildlife), Nature, Nature photography, Oklahoma, Photography, Wichita Mountains NWR, Wildlife)

Bison on the prairie

Bison on the prairie

It was spitting snowflakes yesterday afternoon at Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge, but the bluster passed when the sun lowered itself below the frothy sea of clouds.


It was then that I finally found the bison I had sought.  Even though there are several hundred on the refuge, I saw only four.


I saw lots more longhorn cattle, though.  They are not “wildlife” per se, but they are here because they are a historic breed of cattle tied into the history of the West.


This one is a mama cow.  I love the speckled colors that many of them wear.  And of course, who doesn’t love those horns?


Oak trees tend to get their leaves late in spring and hold onto them tenaciously through the winter.  They reminded me of the drive up Mount Battie in Camden, Maine.


Some of the trees were victims of a wildfire years ago.


They do make nice props though.


The colors on a gray day are like muted watercolors.


I can’t wait to see this in spring when the grass is emerald and flowers dot the prairie.


Some areas have granite pillows that look just like those at Joshua Tree National Park in California.  They are also good for rock-climbers.


I do not yet know the story of this castle tower.


I love the contrast of light and dark here, with the rusty oak leaves.


A wind farm outside the refuge.



The last rays of light.


Mt Scott

Mt Scott

Mt. Scott glows like coals in the last light of day.

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  1. Jet Eliot said,

    Oh, I so loved your photos here, Cindy — the lighting is ethereal, the subjects all so noble.

  2. Everett Sikes said,

    Great Pictures as always.

  3. mbkircus said,

    Lovely photos of a wonderful place. We arrived at sunset on a summer day which lit up the bison herd along the road beautifully. Hoping to get to revisit soon. Meanwhile I’ll visit vicariously through your pictures.

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