Critters and Petroglyphs, Valley of Fire

December 23, 2015 at 5:03 am (Bird photography, Nature, Nature photography, Nevada, Photography, Wildlife) ()

Bighorn sheep ewe

Bighorn sheep ewe

As promised, here are some of the critters at Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.


Antelope ground squirrels hold their tails close to their rumps and are common in campgrounds and at birdfeeders like these guys.



Antelope Squirrel

Antelope Squirrel stuffing its cheeks with cracked corn


This male Lucy’s warbler had a brood to feed and sang happily as he scoured the mesquite for choice bugs.

Lucy's Warbler male

Lucy’s Warbler male

Gambel's quail, male

Gambel’s quail, male

Gambel's quail mama and chicks

Gambel’s quail mama and chicks


Chuckwallas are quite large and related to the more colorful Gila monster.  When pursued by a predator they wedge themselves in a rock crack and inflate themselves so they can’t be pulled out.




A very handsome desert iguana.

Desert iguana

Desert iguana

Costa's hummingbird male

Costa’s hummingbird male


The Mouse’s Tank trail was a popular and easy canyon trail with hundreds of petroglyphs etched into the rocks and desert varnish.


This trail is also where I saw a nice herd of bighorn sheep – mostly ewes, lambs, and young males.



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  1. anroworld said,

    Fabulous pictures, Cindy! Animals are adorable and so cute, especially picture about almost kiss…they cheer me up!

  2. Jim Miller said,

    Beautiful images, Cindy.Love the quail.

  3. Jet Eliot said,

    Really enjoyed your photos a lot, Cindy. The petroglyphs are fantastic, and your wildlife photos are astounding. A real treat to find Lucy’s warbler, and gambel quail with chicks! Great reptile photos too!

  4. pam said,

    Makes me want to get in my car and go!

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