Spring in Oklahoma

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Henbit tints the greening grass with a lavender wash

Henbit tints the greening grass with a lavender wash

Early spring began in late February here in southwest Oklahoma. Henbit is a common “weed” but when it blooms it adds a welcome flood of color to a landscape that had been brown for months.

The grass is green!

The grass is green!

The bison at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge must find fresh grass a welcome change from the dried hay they ate all winter.


Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

The oaks leaf out last.


Wild turkeys aren’t shy about strutting their stuff with photographers around.


A 15-minute walk scared up five species of butterflies. Read my article in the Fort Sill Tribune that tells about them:


Goatweed leafwing

Olive juniper hairstreak

Olive juniper hairstreak


American painted lady




By now they should have a nest full of fledglings.

Eastern fox squirrel

Eastern fox squirrel

Because I now spend my workday writing articles, taking photographs, and meeting deadlines, I’ve let my blog rest. But now that I’ve moved (again), cleaned out my storage unit in Georgia, and am getting settled in my new digs, I hope to be more focused on regular blog posts.

Enjoy Spring!

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