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October 6, 2016 at 10:22 am (Nature, Nature photography, Oklahoma) (, )

Baldy Point, Quartz Mountain Nature Park, Okla.

Baldy Point, Quartz Mountain Nature Park, Okla.

I’m catching up on my “Okie Road Trip” from Labor Day weekend, and this segment features images that make Oklahoma look like “out West.”

Quartz Mt. Nature Park

Quartz Mt. Nature Park

Quartz Mountain Nature Park is the western end of the Wichita Range, and it is a very lovely place. The campground wasn’t even full, and that’s where I felt the 5.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Pawnee, Okla. That quake was felt in at least five states.


I was sleeping in my car waiting for the dawn light, and I felt “someone” shaking my car. I looked out in the dim light and saw it was windy, but it had been windy for awhile and it didn’t feel like the wind. It was a rhythmic shaking. I figured I’m in a new and smaller car (Ford Escape) and maybe it was just a strange gust. I thought no more of it.


Then an hour later I heard on the radio that it was an earthquake! Pawnee is about 200 miles away.


This looks like so many other places I’ve visited – Acadia National Park in Maine, for instance.

Gloss Mountains State Park

Gloss Mountains State Park

This looks like Arizona or Colorado.

Cimarron River, Freedom, Okla.

Cimarron River, Freedom, Okla.

Dawn was a beautiful time to see this, as it emphasized the red rocks. Oklahoma is just full of red rocks and red dirt.


All photographs and text copyrighted by Cindy McIntyre

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  1. Jet Eliot said,

    Gorgeous vistas here, Cindy. I am not familiar with OK and never would’ve guessed these sights were from there. I’ve read this state has a lot of seismic activity due to fracking. That’s a big EQ, I’m glad it didn’t disturb your wilderness adventures. Thanks for sharing, your photos are terrific, as always.

  2. Cindy McIntyre said,

    Yes the earthquake activity has increased tremendously due to fracking. Oklahoma has turned out to be much more beautiful than I imagined, and I am fortunate to live very close to the Wichita Mts. Even Kansas has some pretty spots (Flint Hills in Eastern Kansas). Thanks for reading my blog!

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