Pet Cemetery (not scary)

November 14, 2016 at 5:00 am (Oklahoma, Photography) (, )

It was Veterans Day, and I decided to finally go to the Pet Cemetery Annex on Fort Sill. It’s a pretty spot among deciduous trees and mowed hillsides. Anybody who loves animals knows they have souls, and we grieve terribly when they leave us. I cried for four days when my 14-year-old tabby cat Tommy died. He’s buried between two maples in the yard I used to own in Maine. Our pets often take our last names. (They do that at the vet’s office.) I’m glad our military and civilian families who live and work on post have a place to lay their pets to rest. Some of the epitaphs were funny, like the Fierce Kitty. (My favorite.) There was one gravesite with a tub of plastic spiders. No headstone. Trying to figure what pet would have been buried there. A tarantula? Something that ate spiders? There’s a ferret buried there, too. My sister in Nederland, Texas found a ferret in their yard after Hurricane Rita in 2005. After reading they were social animals, they bought another. Both are gone now. Anyway, here’s a stroll through the Pet Cemetery.


img_6777-copy img_6778 img_6779 img_6780-copy img_6781-copy img_6782-copy img_6783-copy img_6784-copy img_6785-copy img_6786-copy img_6788-copy img_6789-copy img_6791-copy img_6792-copy img_6794-copy img_6795-copy img_6796-copy img_6798-copy-2 img_6799-copy img_6800-copy img_6801-copyimg_6775-copy

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