Seattle – The Mountain, The Coffee, The Skyline

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Mt. Rainier from Crystal Mt. Summit

Mt. Rainier from Crystal Mt. Summit

I lived in Tacoma for 18 years and worked for two of those in Seattle. One of my favorite places in the world is Mt. Rainier National Park. I’m happy I got to see The Mountain on this trip. Last time I was in Seattle for nine days and saw only rain.


My son and his wife wanted to get in some downhill skiing after being new parents for all of three weeks. So we stayed at Crystal Mountain Ski Resort and I got to be the grandma to little Sophie!

Mt. Adams to the south

Mt. Adams to the south

We also took the gondola to the summit for amazing views and good food at the restaurant.

Ryan in gondola

Ryan in gondola

So I got to check “See Mt. Rainier” off my to-do list.

View from the restaurant

View from the restaurant

I used to go cross-country skiing when I was younger, but Ryan and Amy say it’s too much work. It’s also way cheaper.

Full moon

Full moon

Seattle still has a beautiful skyline, but it is also jammed with construction cranes as the population booms. Traffic is pretty yucky, and I’m sure glad I don’t have to make a commute like that from my abode in Oklahoma.

Seattle from I-5

Seattle from I-5, with digital enhancements

The tech industry, Google, Amazon, etc. has contributed a lot to this growth. These are good-paying jobs. They have to be. Living expenses are pretty high.

View from Kerry Park

View from Kerry Park

This is the famous view I’ve photographed numerous times since 1976. I’ll have to scan my slides and compare the changes over the last 40 years.


A panoramic view of the city and Puget Sound at sunset.



We went to the University Village shopping district for some fabulous Asian cuisine. There are many umbrella boxes in the district, which helps keep dripping bumbershoots out of the upscale shops.


Din Tai Fung has several locations and in addition to having very yummy food, it’s unique in that you can watch them make the little dumpling thingies. Watch here:



Of course, there’s Starbucks. This wasn’t just any Starbucks, though. (Approximate density one every two blocks – or at least it seems that way.) This was the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room.

Latte at the Starbucks Reserve

Latte at the Starbucks Reserve

It was crowded on a Sunday mid-morning with well-heeled coffee connoisseurs. We sat at the bar and had a great view of the fresh roasted coffee beans sliding into their canisters, and exotic brewing methods designed to tease subtle flavors from the bean.

img_2245-copyYeah, those are different brewing methods.

img_2248Sounds kind of like a wine-tasting, doesn’t it?


Me and my Seattle family…

img_2261with Sophie snoozing quietly amid the din.

img_2265-copyA high-tech roastery …

img_2276… and the beans pour out. There is a small coffee roaster in Rockland, Maine and the smell that comes from its chimney isn’t coffee-pleasant; it’s like an acrid toxic chemical. But here in Seattle, you’d never ever know there was roasting going on with the high-tech scrubbers keeping the pollutants out of the air.

img_2253They will take the time to talk to you, too, and explain the roasting process. It was really quite a treat. And there is a companion pizza place in another section of the coffee shop if you want lunch.


And to North Carolina, Seattle says, “What’s the big deal about bathrooms?”


Oh, and I just have to take a “pot shot” with a pot shop. They’re about as common as Starbucks.

I didn’t inhale, though.

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  1. DesertAbba said,

    But you wanted to inhale, didn’t you!? Your photos of the mts are almost enough to make me believe in a Creator! Breathtakingly beautiful!

    • Cindy McIntyre said,

      I actually wanted to try some edibles, but my son (experienced in these things) says they’re too potent for a beginner!

  2. Patricia Henshaw said,

    In two weeks i will be heading to Bainbridge Island for a two month stay. Going to check out some of these places! And go birding too

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Jet Eliot said,

    A wonderful visit to Seattle, and your photos are a delight, Cindy, as always. I, too, have a strong draw to Mt. Rainier, and what a joy it is when visiting Seattle if you have the pleasure of good weather to see it. Your Mt. R. photos are breathtaking. A fun visit with your sweet family, too. Chuckled at your last sentence.

    • Cindy McIntyre said,

      You must remember Bill Clinton’s remark on the topic too! Thanks for your comments, Jet.

  4. guess shoes sale said,

    the location in my do exchanges ideas!

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