Washington, D.C. – the Expected and Unexpected

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The long-over due memorial to the influential civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr., was dedicated Aug. 28, 2011 on the 48th anniversary of the March on Washington.

It was there that MLK gave his “I Have a Dream” speech.

This memorial, as well as all of them on the National Mall and surroundings, are part of the National Park Service. I was fortunate to work at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site in Atlanta several years ago as a National Park Ranger.

This was the view from the Lincoln Memorial where MLK gave the groundbreaking speech.

It’s appropriate that the Lincoln Memorial is nearby.

Lincoln freed the slaves, but it was another 100-plus years that the descendants of slaves had full civil rights. MLK and hundreds of others worked tirelessly toward that goal.

I was with two other people, and we began our tour of D.C. at 9 a..m. on Sunday.

There were already plenty of folks out touring, people from many different states and countries. But one of the most unexpected visitors was Secretary of Defense James Mattis, who was recognized coming down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. As soon as I found out, I got a few super-telephoto images as he and a tall man with gray hair and two Secret Service agents walked out of view.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis

If anybody recognizes the man he’s with, let me know!

The venerable Washington Monument is a focal point of anyone visiting D.C.

This is also where Forrest Gump made his “speech.” I imagined Jenny running out into the Reflecting Pool shouting, “Forrest!”

The observation deck in the Washington Monument is closed for repairs. The monument was damaged by an earthquake several years ago.

As with many works of art, its power lies in its simplicity.

This chopper has the words “United States of America” on the side. It apparently had important VIPs on board.

Of course, a glimpse of the White House is a DC “must see.”

My 12-year-old (then) son and I had our photo taken with Bill and Hillary during our visit 20 years ago. The cardboard versions, anyway. I had absolutely no desire to see the current occupant.

I just HAD to do something a little cheesy. Apparently the Park Police didn’t mind me snatching the Washington Monument for a souvenir. 🙂

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  1. Jet Eliot said,

    Enjoyed this wonderful tour of DC, Cindy. Your photos are so clear and gorgeous, and it looks like you had a great day and saw a lot of the main sites. Laughed out loud at your cheesy photo — it turned out perfectly!

  2. Patti said,

    what did Forrest say in his speech? ha ha…

    Thanks for the interesting photos and captions. I always enjoy your trips.

    My niece is current interning with a WA Rep. A Democrat of course.

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