Colusa NWR Birds

January 21, 2018 at 9:13 am (Bird photography, Birds - California, California, National Wildlife Refuges (US Fish & Wildlife), Nature, Nature photography, Photography)

_DSC7477 copy

Black-necked stilt

It was another foggy day at the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex, but it didn’t seem to bother the birds much at the Colusa NWR to the south.

_DSC7521 copy

Black-crowned night heron

I saw bird species that I hadn’t seen at the main refuge, such as the black-crowned night heron and cinnamon teal. Plus I was able to get much closer to several pintails, which I will feature in a post of their own.

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The auto tour was 3-miles long, and again, we had to stay in the car, which was a perfect blind. The road was a little narrow in spots, making it hard to pull over for people who didn’t want to linger at a particular spot. But there weren’t nearly as many folks there as at the main refuge.

_DSC7518 copy

American pipit

My favorite method of birding-by-car is to keep the front windows rolled down all the way and my camera (Nikon D750 with 200-500mm Nikon lens – a long and heavy beast) on my lap. That way I can aim and “shoot” quickly when I see a bird.

I can blast the heat or a/c to counter the outside weather. If I can, I also turn off the engine so the vibration and the heat waves from the inside/outside air meeting won’t affect the clarity of the images.

I also like to video birds doing bird things, so I have a window mount for my Canon SX-60. It took awhile to find the right mount, which isn’t perfect but allows good coverage while minimizing camera shake. I didn’t do video on this trip, though.

I keep my camera bag on the passenger seat, and if I have another photographer in the car with me it works best to have them in the back seat so we can both have a clear view out both windows.

_DSC7213 copy

American wigeon pair

There was a pond you could park next to at the beginning of the auto tour, and the ducks there were extremely cooperative!

_DSC7254 copy

Red-winged blackbird

So was this red-winged blackbird

_DSC7382 copy

Black-crowned night heron rookery

The black-crowned night heron rookery was seen from the bridge near the start of the auto tour, and you get closer views toward the end, too.

_DSC7398 copy

Black-crowned night heron at rookery

The light was for the most part a bright overcast, which allows subtle colors and details to pop. Sunlight often causes bright highlights and deep shadows that are difficult to moderate, even in Photoshop.

_DSC7416 copy

Great blue heron

As with nearly all of these photos, the birds weren’t close enough to fill the frame, so many of them are highly cropped. Fortunately, the lens I use is pretty darned sharp and can focus pretty accurately.

_DSC7405 copy

White-fronted geese

Even though these refuges were 350-plus miles from home, it was a great way to spend a 3-day weekend.

_DSC7413 copy

Colusa NWR

Photos and text copyrighted by Cindy McIntyre

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  1. jet eliot said,

    Colusa is such a delight, I am so so happy you had such fortune here, Cindy. 350 miles is a long way to come, and I’m glad you did, because this complex is one of the best in California. I was at Colusa (and Sacto) day before yesterday. How great that you spotted the snipe! That deck when you first arrive is a beauty for photographing, isn’t it? Black-crowned night heron rookery is a joy to find too, but a little far for photos, though your close-up is lovely. Fantastic post, much enjoyed.

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