Camp Parks – Wildlife Oasis, part 4

June 19, 2018 at 6:00 am (Bird photography, Birds - California, California, California Central Coast, Nature, Nature photography, Photography, Wildlife) ()

Great egret with mouse

This great egret finds the grasslands of the Parks Reserve Forces Training Center, aka Camp Parks, to be an excellent hunting ground. Its bill was already quite bloodied before it caught the mouse.

In no time, the mouse was swallowed whole.


Photos and text copyrighted by Cindy McIntyre

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  1. DesertAbba said,

    Great photography! Just eating breakfast as I opened it. Wish I’d waited a bit as my last swallow was going down along with Elbert Egret’s.

  2. Robert said,

    While station at the Navy’s Post Graduate School In Monterey in ‘70-‘71, did at lot of exploring where Your photos where taken. Someone had a big Zoom lens!! Nice work.


    Sent from my iPhone


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