Carrizo Plain in November

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Carrizo Plain National Monument, California

This image reminds me of Zabriski Point at Death Valley. I visited Carrizo Plain National Monument in Central California the day before Thanksgiving 2018. The most stunning natural phenomena that day were the lenticular clouds forming stacks of flying saucers due to the turbulent atmosphere preceding a rare rainstorm.

Lenticular clouds stacked like pancakes

I jazzed it up quite a bit for the top image, but the clouds weren’t that dramatic.

They were more like this
Lenticular cloud

I’ve seen these clouds regularly over Mount Rainier. They usually meant rain or snow within 24 hours. However, out here, the rain came within a handful of hours.

Bell’s Sparrow

The Bell’s sparrow, along with the Sagebrush sparrow, split from the former Sage sparrow. Visual differences are hard to figure sometimes, but the songs are a bit more distinctive.

Loggerhead Shrike
Prairie Falcon

If you compare the landscape along the Sprague Hill Road with the previous post taken a month later, you’ll see how quickly that rain helped to green up the landscape.

In another month or two, there will be wildflowers blooming!

Carrizo Plain National Monument, California
This was just outside the monument.
I’m not sure what the rock composition is to make this patch so distinctive

Carrizo Plain National Monument is administered by the Bureau of Land Management, and offers a very different landscape from that of the rest of San Luis Obispo County.

Carrizo Plain National Monument, California

Let’s hope for a good winter of rains, to bring back the green to the hillsides. To cover the plain with flowers. To keep drought at bay.

Happy New Year!

Photos and text copyrighted by Cindy McIntyre

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