Malibu Wildflowers

May 12, 2019 at 2:59 pm (Bird photography, Birds - California, California, California wildflowers, Nature, Nature photography, Wildflowers)

Phacelia grandiflora

The Woolsey Fire devastated the hillsides of Malibu last year, but fires bring out wildflowers, and the hillsides in and around Newton Canyon were filled with the lovely Phacelia grandiflora, painting the hills a lovely purple.

Site of Woolsey Fire several months ago

Fires release minerals back into the soil, and often in the Spring after a fire the area is lush with greenery and flowers. Some flowers, such as the fire poppy, only bloom after the heat of the flames awaken the seeds. I was not lucky enough to see any of those.

Cardinal catchfly, Silene laciniata

California has an abundance of some very lovely and extremely unusual native wildflowers, many endemic to California, meaning they only grow here. The cardinal catchfly, one of the unusual ones, was close to the Backbone Trailhead but a little out of reach for a macro closeup, so I used my telephoto.

I visited this spot enroute to a doctor’s appointment near Los Angeles. I had seen some lovely flowers posted on the California Native Plant Society and the California Wildflower Tipline Facebook pages for that area. It was an easy detour.

Lazuli bunting male

I had only an hour to spend, so I didn’t go far, but this Lazuli bunting posed nicely for me near the trailhead.

Lazuli bunting male on burnt branches

I was told there were numerous butterflies in the canyon itself, but the only one I saw was this resting painted lady.

Painted Lady butterfly

The phacelia are lovely close up, too. I thought they were mallows at first, because of their size and shape. They don’t look at all like the small flowered phacelia growing in places like the Carrizo Plain, however.

A few other interesting plants:

Flowers are still blooming all over California. It’s been a great year!

Photos and text copyrighted by Cindy McIntyre

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