Kansas City Zoo

September 22, 2019 at 3:54 pm (Bird photography, Butterflies, Nature, Nature photography, Photography, Uncategorized, Zoos)

Lorikeet at Kansas City Zoo

Wow. I’ve let three months go by without a single blog post. It’s been a busy summer. Gone visiting family in Seattle, and mandatory training in Kansas City. Then catching up, lounging around, binge-watching TV shows and movies. So these next posts will be light on text as I catch up on my adventures.

Lorikeets waiting for a feeding

Every zoo has some signature exhibits, and the Kansas City Zoo was no exception. Visitors can, at designated times, feed the lorikeets, an Australian parrot. They are noisy and gregarious, and when you have a tiny cup of nectar in your hand, they swamp you!

See how fun it is!

You can also feed the manta rays!

Penguins are always fun to watch.

Taveta Weaver Finches were busy skillfully weaving a nest. Male and female both work on it.

River otters are a hit with the kids.

I personally love the jellyfish and marine fishes.

I was also overjoyed to see zebra swallowtails in the butterflyweed.

These leopard tortoises from Africa were adorable, with smaller ones closely following larger ones. Reason? Unclear.

The red kangaroos were right in the open. They are looked upon as rodents in Australia, but to me they are more like deer.

The African Savannah portion was quite a distance from the rest of the zoo. Because of my injured hip, I was able to do it comfortably in an electric vehicle ($25 rental). Here are a few more photos to wrap up the zoo visit

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