Time Lapse Comet NEOWISE

July 30, 2020 at 6:41 pm (California, Nature, Nature photography, Night Sky) (, , , , , )

Comet NEOWISE put on quite a show in the Eastern Sierras July 18-20, 2020. My time lapses consist of dozens of still photos put into a video editor, then sped up about 2000 percent.

Because each exposure is 8-10 seconds, and the intervals are 15 seconds, the transitions are not smooth as they would be with professional astrophotography equipment. But they are still revealing. There was a lot of airplane traffic, and even a flyby of the International Space Station, which is the brightest streak. This was from my third night on the road at the Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California.  I used the tungsten white balance setting to record a more natural looking blue sky.

There was no moon so it made for spectacular Milky Way photography as well. Oddly there aren’t nearly so many airliner streaks. The white balance was set on sunshine.

On the second night of my mini-road trip, I went to Mono Lake, as I had seen some amazing photos of the comet with the otherworldly tufa formations. But the sky was so cloudy I thought I’d have a better experience just camping on a hillside on forest service land and seeing if the sky would clear. I was all by myself, save a few singing coyotes, and it was lovely. However, the clouds only partially cleared for a few minutes before shrouding the comet again.

It was an amazing experience in an amazing place. So long, NEOWISE. See you in 6,800 years or so.

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