Double Rainbow

January 30, 2021 at 1:16 pm (California, California Central Coast, Nature, Nature photography, Photography, San Luis Obispo County) (, , )

Double rainbow, Paso Robles, California

You might have heard, but we had a really intense winter storm this week. It rained for at least 48 hours straight from early morning Wednesday through early morning Friday, and then off-and-on showers. Very un-California-like weather. They called it an “atmospheric river.” We needed the rain, but it’s better spaced out from October to April. Even with nearly five inches in Paso Robles, and a foot in Cambria right on the coast, we are still behind our normal rain totals for this point of the rainy season.

So just as I had quit telework, I was going to pick up my Talley Farms produce box down the street when I saw a sliver of this rainbow from my yard. Of course, I chased it, looking for just the best spot to see both ends. Fortunately, it lasted for at least an hour, giving me a chance to find this place, just down from where I live.

I love how it seems to emanate from this oak tree. I took quite a few photos with my iPhone and the rainbow was just as intense – no editing necessary.

I cropped and intensified the glow for this one.

Dozens of people stopped to take photographs of this amazing display of nature. The storm did some damage to homes and streets, and took out a huge chunk of the Big Sur highway (again.) Last time two parts of the highway were covered with a mudslide. This time a part of it in the Dolan Fire burn scar is just gone, slid into the ocean. Not sure how they can fix this one without building a bridge.

By CalTrans

So a double, intense, long-lasting rainbow seems to be nature’s way of apologizing for the havoc. I was even able to post a couple of photos to the KSBY weather guy’s Facebook page and it made the TV weather report!

One of the first spots I found – power lines, ugh!
Double rainbow after intense winter storm, Paso Robles, California.

Even with a wide angle it takes two photos to complete the panorama, stitched in Photoshop.

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