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Tule elk

When I drive to work (as opposed to taking the bus or vanpool) I try to swing by some areas reliable for spotting elk or cool birds. I don’t always see the elk in their usual spots, but sometimes I get lucky.

This herd enjoyed a cooling rest stop in the marsh, which accounts for why their bottom parts are dark colored.

Late in the day they are backlit, which makes photography more challenging

I went in the morning last week, when the light was good, but the bull was nowhere to be seen.

The late-season calf is getting bigger.

The watering hole also attracted mule deer and wild turkeys.

Of course, birds are great subjects, too.

Yellow-billed magpie

The yellow-billed magpie has eluded me with perfect portrait poses or lighting. This one was pretty close, though.

Yellow-billed magpie

Even thought it was late October, the male red-winged blackbirds seemed to be trying to impress the ladies. Or maybe just each other.

A great egret (I still call them American egrets) is often seen in the area.

A kestrel and acorn woodpecker vied for the same pole.

I’ve visited this area many times in the two years I’ve lived here, and there is almost always something interesting to photograph.

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