Blue, Blue, My Love is Blue-Winged Teal

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Male blue-winged teal flaunting his blue

Male blue-winged teal flaunting his blue

Yeah, it’s an old song but I couldn’t help it.  My two favorite bird photography sites are in Boynton Beach, Florida – Wakodahatchee and Green Cay Wetlands.  Both are reclaimed wetlands and have attracted an amazing bounty of birds and reptiles – most close enough for a decent 400mm photograph.


I was fortunate to be able to return this January for images with my Nikon D600, but there are also images here from 2008.  You see, I used to travel South to do art shows in the winter, and stayed with another artist friend there.  I am still amazed that this highly developed area, with hundreds of gated communities and a block of shops on nearly every corner (or so it seems), is so hospitable to wildlife.  Today I am highlighting the blue-winged teal. Read the rest of this entry »

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Feather Abstract

March 6, 2014 at 6:13 am (Birds- Florida, Great Florida Birding Trail, Nature, Photography) (, )

Blue-winged teal feathers

Blue-winged teal feathers

Sometimes just a part of a bird deserves special emphasis.  This closeup of the wing of a preening blue-winged teal is a gorgeous array of color and texture.

Male blue-winged teal

Male blue-winged teal

Of course, the bird itself is a work of wonder.  From Green Cay Wetlands in Boynton Beach, Florida.

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