Mustangs are Marines

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Veterans Day is a good time to recognize the four-legged Soldiers and Marines – the K-9s and the horses that have gone into battle. Fortunately, some formerly wild mustangs in the U. S. Marine Corps have a peaceful mission. They, with their humans, form the Marine Corps Mounted Color Guard and are stabled at Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow, Calif.

These palominos are all from BLM Herd Management Areas in Nevada and elsewhere. Some were tamed by prisoners. Many are trained by a local horseman. All of the Marines assigned to the MCG are trained to ride, to put on shoes, and to care for their equine charges. When you see them leading the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena every New Year’s Day, or catch them at a rodeo or small-town parade, you can see that the horses and humans are “proud to claim the title of United States Marines.”

The horses are given formal names after famous Marine battles, but are called by their nicknames:  Aries, John, Norman. Unfortunately the plans I had to do an in-depth video with articles about the MCG and the mustangs themselves won’t happen. I am transferring to a new and better job in Oklahoma. New stories. New birds. New experiences.

Read about the horsemanship training the Marines receive:

Cindy Bourgeois McIntyre as an 18-year Women's Army Corps recruit, 1974

Cindy Bourgeois McIntyre as an 18-year Women’s Army Corps recruit, 1974

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