Pronghorn Family

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Papa Pronghorn and fawns

Papa Pronghorn and fawns

Often called “pronghorn antelope,” this wild symbol of the open spaces isn’t really an antelope.  Nor is it a goat, even though its scientific name Antilocapra americana means “American antelope goat.”   And although it has horns instead of antlers, it is the only horned animal to shed them.  (Typically only antlers are shed, such as those of deer and moose.)  The males have the largest horns; females may only have stubs. Read the rest of this entry »


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Pronghorns Chase Coyote – For Real!

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While exploring the high country of Laramie, Wyoming on Thursday morning, I saw a most unusual turn of the tables.  At first I saw only the herd of pronghorn antelope running in a tight bunch, their white haunches flashing in the sunlight.  Then I saw a smaller animal running quite a bit ahead.  It looked big enough and furry enough to be a wolf, but it was probably a coyote.

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