Kayak vs Gators – Thoughts on My First Kayak Trip in the Okefenokee Swamp

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Alligator, Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, Georgia

Alligator, Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, Georgia

If I can do it, anyone can.  Seriously. Gators notwithstanding.

The hardest part of kayaking is getting in and out of the peapod-shaped craft, especially at one of the backcountry shelters in the Okefenokee Swamp.   But once you’re tucked inside, water bottle between your legs and pack stowed at your feet, you are now part of the current.  It takes a little practice to slice the oars so they don’t slap-slap the water.  Even more importantly, how to raise them so water doesn’t slide down the paddle onto your legs.  But if I can do it, so can you. Read the rest of this entry »

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