Once-in-a-Lifetime Shot

July 31, 2021 at 4:10 pm (Bird photography, Birds - California, California, California Central Coast, Monterey County, Nature, Nature photography, Video, Wildlife) ()

Bald eagles and moonset

A pair of bald eagles was perched in clear view of the road as I drove to work in southern Monterey County, California this week. I parked and grabbed my Canon PowerShot and waited for the moon to align between the trees, using the car as a blind. After about 20 minutes the moon was still high and the eagles had not left, so I got out of the car and crossed the road with my camera on a tripod. I was able to align the moon perfectly. The birds stayed long enough for this 34-second clip before flying off. You can see the moon creeping across the frame. It’s about a 1000 mm zoom through heat waves so it’s not very sharp, but still a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I just wish I had my Nikon D750 with me.

There were some acorn woodpeckers that played around while the eagles sat, and you can hear the eagles call out to each other, too.

After the eagles flew away, an acorn woodpecker spent a lot of time preening on the tree, giving the moon time to crawl across the sky as it set. The time lapse is sped up so you can see the moon’s journey.

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    Amazing photo!

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